Defying Gravity

In this first authorized biography of Stephen Schwartz, Carol de Giere draws from 80 hours of interviews with Schwartz and over 100 interviews with his colleagues, friends, and family to create a book that spans his writing of the GODSPELL score at age 23 through the making of the megahit WICKED.  Her sympathetic yet frank narrative reveals never-before-told stories and explores both Schwartz’s hits and flops. The book also includes a series of “Creativity Notes” and more than 200 photographs and illustrations.

The Godspell Experience

This comprehensive book on GODSPELL includes a behind-the-scenes account of the musical’s creative history, notes about each song, never-before-published photographs, and much more. Performers and directors , as well as fans of the show, will find essential material to enhance their understanding of GODSPELL.

The Hardest Part of Love

This illustrated book is based on the song “The Hardest Part of Love” from the stage musical CHILDREN OF EDEN , with beautiful illustrations by eighteen artists from Alaska to Hong Kong – including Schwartz’s daughter, Jessica Schwartz. Includes a CD of the song as sung by Stephen (from his singer/songwriter CD RELUCTANT PILGRIM).

Perfect Peach

This illustrated Children’s book was written by Stephen Schwartz for the celebrated illustrator Leonard B. Lubin. With his customary clever rhyming, Schwartz tells the story of a little Chinese prince who rebels against his over-protective parents and runs away to the mountain where the gods live , with amusingly catastrophic results