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Thread: Original 1971 Orchestrations

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    Default Original 1971 Orchestrations

    Dear Stephen,

    I am a huge fan of your work, and Godspell is one of my absolute favorite musicals! That said, I am so thrilled to have the chance to be directing it this coming summer, as a community theatre production in my hometown. I am also so glad that I found this site, which has proved to be an invaluable resource in helping me mount this production of Godspell. That said, I would like to ask a question that I haven't found on this site: Are the original 1971 Off-Broadway orchestrations available for use in shows today? I love the feel of the music on the original cast album and I would much rather use those orchestrations (if possble) for the production. Could you let me know if those are available and how I might obtain them for this production.

    Thanks Very Much,

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    Dear Casey:

    When you license the show from either Music Theatre International or Theatre Maximus, you will receive the original orchestrations. Hope you have a great time with the show! Best, Michael

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